Power Snacking in Vietnam and Cambodia

I often tell people that Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, is tailor-made for cycling. All right, so the roads aren’t always great (see this post as proof), but the drivers are accustomed to cyclists, the hotels are cheap, the scenery is phenomenal, and the food is amazing and very suitable for vegans. The snacks especially are plentiful and healthy, providing the perfect source of long-lasting energy.

Cycling Trip 129

In Cambodia, if you see a roadside grill like this, pull over. Immediately.

Cycling Trip 133

At first I was too shy to buy any of these little packets as I wasn’t sure what was inside them. But soon I realized that at about $0.12 each, I could afford to take a gamble and open one up, hoping for a vegan filling! There’s something remotely Christmas-like about peeling away the charred layers of banana leaf to reveal the treat inside.

Cycling Trip 132

This particular variety (called something like An Som or Anksom) are popular near Kratie. The most common type is as pictured above—sweet sticky rice boiled with coconut milk and a hint of salt wrapped around a banana and then grilled. The rice becomes chewy and a bit crunchy while the banana practically melts and caramelizes. Beautiful. I also found these stuffed with taro and (my very favorite) shredded jackfruit.

Cycling Trip 315

Here’s a snack I was only able to find once in Vietnam, though I searched for it many times as it was truly the perfect cycling boost.

Cycling Trip 316

I’ve searched for more information in vain, but here’s what I can tell you about it. It was a chewy confection made from black sticky rice, black beans, fresh ginger, a bit of sugar, and topped with white sesame seeds. It filled me with energy and protein without weighing me down and the fresh ginger was an unexpected and invigorating touch.

Another one of my favorite cycling snacks in Camboda is krolan—sticky rice with coconut cream and black beans stuffed in a bamboo tube and cooked for hours over low heat. It’s labor-intensive work, as the tubes must be constantly monitored and turned to prevent burning. But the result is unique and delicious, and as with the above snacks as well, the packaging is sustainable and biodegradable—perfect for when you’re on the bike!


  1. Perfect inspiration to go on more bike rides so I can someday tour Asia.

  2. This is, very seriously, one of the best food blog posts I've ever seen. So amazing!
    V (Vegan Kitchen Diaries)

  3. Mmmmmmmmm!


  4. The food looks and sounds incredible. We don't do a lot of bike riding, but I hope to see that change in the future.

  5. You make me wanna go over there and bike RIGHT NOW.

  6. oh my GOD. These pictures are freaking me out and making me so hungry. Sweet sticky rice around a banana and grilled????!!!! I need to go buy a plane ticket. Your blog is so freaking awesome! How is it possible that I've seen you on the PPK for so long and not clicked over here. What have I been missing!? :)