I think and talk often of synchronicity, and I experience it frequently while traveling. The latest example:

Sevket and Yagmur 013

‘A’ for Ankara

My first morning in Ankara, while walking down the street with my new friend and couchsurfing host, Yağmur, I mentioned that I wanted to give a call to the Transcendental Meditation center in the city. My mom knows the teacher who runs the center, Burcu, and I thought it would be lovely to meditate again in a group. We continued walking, and after a minute or two, Yağmur asked me to explain more about this person I wanted to call and the type of meditation I practice. I began to talk vividly, waving my hands in the air (“like a cartoon character,” Yağmur had commented earlier) when I glanced across the street. There, in glowing golden (what else?) letters, I saw the sign “Transandantal Meditasyon”.

In a sprawling city of about 5 million people, at the exact moment I was speaking to a friend of Burcu and TM, we passed the one TM center in Ankara. Yağmur had his questions answered by a TM teacher and I got a chance to meditate in a group. Synchronicity.

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  1. The oneness web of synchronicity: On that same day (maybe same time) I randomly started talking to an old bald dude from Fairfield who was sitting next to me at a cafe(he also had a gray ponytail unfortunately) and all we talk about was TM.