A Bulgarian Joke

Apparently this joke, told by my hosts here in a small Bulgarian mountain village, brings roars of laughter at the local shop/hang-out place.

A Bulgarian man went to an employment agency looking for a job. The agent asked him, "What are your skills?"

He replied, "I can dig."

"Anything else?"

"I can also not dig."

Fin. End of joke.

What else do the Krushevo villagers find funny? An event which happened in the village will help illustrate.

A group of villagers, including my hosts Lily and Yan, convened at the shop. They heard the thumping of horse hooves, accompanied by an unusual wailing sound, coming in their direction. Everyone craned his/her neck to see what the commotion was and soon the horse came bounding around the corner and into view followed closely by a running, stumbling, and very out-of-breath man who was attached to the horse by a rope. The horse, and shortly after, the man, passed by the shop without pausing and continued precipitately down the village road.

Everyone outside the shop burst into laughter. Soon, over the laughter, the horse's hooves could be heard again. This time the horse and the running, stumbling man dragged behind the horse passed by the shop from the opposite direction.

The laughter became more raucous. This went on for about ten more minutes--the man tripping behind, trying to catch the unruly horse while the villagers looked on, beside themselves with laughter.

So while I don't fully grasp the humor of the first joke, it does appear that slapstick is universal.

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