Thai Fruits: Custard Apple

Here’s another of my favorite fruits, the custard apple. Just look at that lumpy, scaly outside, like the skin of a frog.

more street food and fruit 004

I’ve seen people go at this one with a knife, but where’s the fun in that? Each scale easily lifts off the fruit, revealing soft white flesh underneath.

more street food and fruit 040

The custard apple is sweet and juicy, with a slightly grainy texture like that of a soft ripe pear. It is almost purely sweet, but not cloyingly so. Each surface scale covers a small geometric section of flesh which separates easily from the rest of the fruit and surrounds a smooth and very hard black seed. I swear the seeds are so firm and heavy, they could easily be mistaken for pebbles.

more street food and fruit 044

So while I don’t see why it’s called a custard apple (in fact it seems as dissimilar from custard as it does from apples), this is yet another favorite fruit.

I wonder how many times I can call a fruit my favorite before I lose all credibility?