Thai Street Food: Khao Niao Tat

How many times can I say something is my favorite until you stop believing me?

This is another of my favorite Thai sweets. It’s the perfect bite-size snack and again has that great mix of sweet and salty and creamy.

street food and fruit 033

Khao Niao Tat is a base of coconut sticky rice topped with a sweet and salty coconut cream custard. There’s a scattering of black beans throughout. It is a great mix of textures, from the chewy sticky rice to the creamy and soft custard and the occasional bite of black bean. The flavor is phenomenal as the salt helps to cut through the sweetness. I’m always amazed at how Thai sweets use just three simple ingredients—rice, coconut, and sugar—to create a whole multitude of delicacies.

street food and fruit 029

You can buy Khao Niao Tat by the square, each one about half the size of my palm, for only 5 baht (less than $0.17) and they come wrapped and packaged in a little banana leaf pouch. Here’s a recipe in case you want to try making it at home.

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