Thai Cotton Candy Burrito

Known as Roti Sai Mai, or, as I’ve dubbed it, the Thai Cotton Candy Burrito. I should confess, though. I’ve never actually tried it as it’s basically sugar wrapped inside more sugar. I have heard it’s delicious and I can verify that it certainly is pretty and would make a great snack for a pride party or parade! Just look at the pastel rainbow!

street food and fruit 013

The vendor starts with bags and bags of spun pastel-hued cotton candy. Then, using a roti or crepe mixture made of rice flour and colored lime green with pandan leaves, she quickly cooks the thinnest little roti, using a spatula to scrape away the excess dough. Watch the video below to see her in action. I’d like to learn more about that dough; look how it stays in her hand like a wobbling blob of silly putty!

When you purchase roti sai mai, you get a stack of roti and a bag of cotton candy. The assembly is easy: just fill your roti with the cotton candy, roll it up, and eat. I think I’ll have to try it soon because who am I kidding? I like my sugar with a side of sugar, thank you very much.

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  1. WHOA. that is some seriously trippy stuff! The blobby nature of the roti batter is truly fascinating!!! :) great post!