Inspiration, and a reintroduction.

I hate introductions almost as much as I hate goodbyes. For a traveler, the latter is filled with uncertainty (will I see this person again?) and the former is filled with tedium ("So where are you going next?"). So let's just skip the introductions and get right into the thick of things, shall we?

I once met a fellow traveler at a party and we played this game: we both had veto power over every question asked of us; we could pass on any question deemed too boring, too cliche, too repetitive. As I recall, we ended up discussing flip flops. But what a relief to not be asked, "Where are you from? What are your plans?"!

Thanks to Daniel and Tracy for inspiring me to pick this old blog up again, for giving me the confidence to introduce myself not just as a hobo, but as a hobo who writes. For as Daniel said to me the first night we met while volunteering on an organic farm in southern Turkey, a mechanic who stops working for a few months is still a mechanic; he would still fix his car should it break down. Just so, a writer who lays downs the figurative pen is still a writer. She stills sees the world, with its silliness and idiosyncrasies, through a writer's eyes.

This blog is for anyone who wishes he could look through my eyes, for anyone who is curious what the life of a vagabond is like. But mainly it's for me. A place for me to share thoughts, observations, recipes, experiences, philosophies, people, memories.


  1. hurrah. lovely blog.

    of course i want to read more and more.

    you should put your bicycle race and spending the night on the kitchen table stories here.

    you have a great voice. thanks for sharing it and thanks for the above tshirt. i am enjoying.

  2. Yay! So happy to read your writing. Keep it up, fellow writer, traveler and blog whore.

  3. You left a comment on my blog, so now I'm looking at your blog, but I am the kind of person who really hates it when you lend someone a good book and they jump straight to the last page. Your blog looks like a good book, so I'm starting from the beginning... but what is this big gaping chasm between the first and second posts? What has occured in the missing ten months?? Ok, I will persevere, but it might take me a few days to get up to date. I hope you won't keep me in suspense about this too long...

    From one blogging vagabond to another x