Father Christmas is Drunk Again!

In Bulgaria, the traditional Christmas Eve Feast is vegetarian and features only an odd number of dishes: seven, nine, eleven. When giving flowers, it is also crucial to only give an odd number of stems. Even numbers are reserved for the dead.

The women in Bulgaria are beautiful, if overly made up. They seem obsessed with shoes and you can often find them teetering through cobbled streets and even dancing in the mud in their stilettos. When walking down muddy streets, you can follow their tint indented tracks, which look like the impression made by a small walking stick.

Chocolates play an important social role, often in the breaking of bad news. In Bulgaria, if you take down a box of chocolates and offer one to a friend, that friend will likely ask you, with a pained, worried expression, what has happened. "Is everything all right?"

Last Christmas, in the nearest town, our Workaway hosts Lily and Yan observed the Christmas morning festivities in the town square. All the young children of the town gathered around in anticipation when the announcer appeared and told the children that Father Christmas was on his way, but "as usual, he is drunk on Rakia". Father Christmas then stumbled onto the stage just as a stray dog did the same. With his staff, FC chased after the dog, trying to beat it off the stage. he then addressed the children, telling them he had their gifts in his bag but that they shouldn't expect too much, what with the global crisis going on. He then handed out said gifts in bags plastered with mildly pornographic images of naked women. Merry Christmas! Vesela Koleda!


  1. Hahahahah! Father Christmas shouldn't be concerned with the global economy! He survives on magic! I think that is the best Christmas anecdote I've ever heard :D
    P.S. I want you to send me one of those bags ;)